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Border Collie Rescue Texas
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  BCRT Successful  Adoptions - 2003
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BCRT Successful Adoptions

Successful Independent Adoptions

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The dogs featured on this page are those that have been adopted through Border Collie Rescue Texas since January of 2003. 

Last Updated Saturday January 12, 2013

Rosie Caeser Slinky
Katy Belle Maddie Smiley
Pedro Senna Luna
Kate Skipper Big Red
Prissy Sam Riot
Holly Jazee Melodee Suni
Bella Andy Aeryn
Cheyenne Maya Cowboy
Keeper Porsche Ginger
Taz Bailey Baby
Tippie Doc Holliday Wink
Benji Bingo Topper
Brody Raz Tila


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