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Border Collie Rescue Texas
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  BCRT Successful  Adoptions - 2004
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BCRT Successful Adoptions

Successful Independent Adoptions

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The dogs featured on this page are those that have been adopted through Border Collie Rescue Texas in 2004.

Last Updated Saturday January 12, 2013

Bessie Floss Gwyn
Willow Molly Tofu
Jada Kamy Briar
Alston Cleo Meg
Rex Joy Drew
Paddy Molly Jax
Noel Macie Bear
Baxter Kilt (on rt with her new sister) Cheyenne
Bisquick Jet Darcy
Drake Duncan Chaz
Venus Gemma Piper
Skeet Tucker Brynn
Indigo (& Tad) Logan Frankie
Disney Buddy Josie
Toby Brandi Ellie
Misty Cowboy Mars

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