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  Them Many Different Looks of the Border Collie
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The Many Different Looks of the Border Collie

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Because Border Collies are bred for intelligence and working ability and not for looks, there is a great deal of diversity in appearance. They can have smooth (short) or rough (long) coats, or anything in between. The coat is double with a longer, coarser outer coat, and a shorter softer undercoat which sheds out completely in summer, so that they definitely need grooming. A very long coat could be a hazard to a working dog. Coats may be straight to curly--this is not a standard, but a fact. The Border Collie comes in a remarkable variety of colors. Black (black-and-white) is the most common color and often preferred by shepherds, along with tri-colored (black, white and tan). Red (red-and-white, and red-tri--red, white and tan) is not uncommon. Red in a Border Collie (which is called chocolate in Australia), is actually liver or brown (as in the Springer Spaniel). Saddle-patterned (a variant of tricolor), and Blue (or grey) is less common, as is blue merle, red merle, sable, tan, black-and-tan, and brindle. All of these colors usually come with varying amounts of white, the traditional "collie markings", usually a white blaze on the face, a white collar, feet, chest and tail tip. Some dogs are speckled or ticked. These dogs are usually born with their white areas completely white and as they grow varying amounts of spots begin to appear in the white areas. Ticking can come in all colors--black and white dogs will have black spots, red and white dogs will have red spots, etc. Others are born all white with small amounts of black, often on the ears, and their white areas will remain white all their lives. These dogs are often referred to as "patterned whites". Half-white faces are also very common. Eventually we hope to have examples of every color and color pattern the Border Collie comes in.

The thumbnails below each link to a page that describes
in photos and text a particular color, color pattern, or coat type of the Border Collie.

Black & White Red & White Tan & White
Blue & White Tri Color Speckled
Red Merle Blue Merle Brindled
Sable Saddle Patterned Patterned Whites
Split Faced Smooth Coat Rough Coat


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