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Volunteers are always needed to foster dogs as well as for transporting, shelter checks, distributing posters and pamphlets, writing articles, training for herding, obedience, agility and much more!  If you would like more information please contact BCRT.

What is a Foster Home?  A Foster Home is a Safe Haven for a Dog that is coming out of a shelter as a stray, abused or relinquishment.  You can Foster short term, just waiting to transfer or taking to the vet for a complete check up or you can choose to be a Foster Parent from start to finish which can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months or more. It's entirely up to you, and what you are able to do, but either of these has just help save a Border Collies life. 

Please fill out the online application by clicking the link above if you are interested in working with Border Collie Rescue Texas, Inc.  Fostering and Volunteering starts with an application so we can match you with the correct service or Foster dog, you’ll let us know what you can do, if it's fostering, male/ female, 1 or 2, small or large, those kind of things.  If your Vet is approved you can have the vet care done there, ask for a discount for rescue several of our vets offer it.  We don’t skimp on vet care and we always spay or neuter. Foster homes are screened before acceptance.  

The next step is contact from an Area Coordinator (AC) for BCRT, if you are fostering, she will contact you about a dog that needs a new start in life.  Depending on your experience, you or someone else  will identify the dog as a Border Collie (BC) or a BC Mix, pick it up and start vet care and evaluation.  As a group we work together, we have a list of guidelines for Fostering and Rules, to protect your family and BCRT.   

Once you get the BC and you observe it then you start working with him or her and your pack and it learns to fit in and learns to be loved.  You keep notes, like's dislikes, fears, feeding habits and bathroom habits.  You’ll work on crate training and socialization.  If you take your BC to flyball then the rescue can tag along for visitation, usually your group is willing to help.  You can also use the local pet stores and home improvement stores that allow pets; this is also a great confidence builder.  In your assessment you’ll try and give the AC an idea of what kind of home this BC is looking for, a dog sport, everyday jogger, extreme working dog or the every now and then couch potato.  Does he or she like cats or kids, just basic things like this.  We also work on basic manners, sit and stay, or even learning how to play.

When you think they are ready to be listed for adoption then they can be listed on our Internet site with a picture and bio and as applications start to come in to the AC, they will work with you and you’ll help them decide if this is the right home for your foster. 

You may meet the prospective adopters and help with transportation if it fits in with what you can do. 

But most of all you get to see a dog that started out scared, hungry or just one that was looking for attention turn into a confident, happy and healthy Border Collie getting a second start.  It’s not easy letting them go, just remember you “Helped a Border Collie Wish Come True!” 

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