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Independent Dogs Available for Adoption
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Independent Dogs Available for Adoption

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The following dogs are available for adoption from shelters, other rescue groups, independent rescuers and individuals.  These dogs have not been evaluated by Border Collie Rescue Texas, Inc. and Border Collie Rescue Texas, Inc. does not assume any responsibility for the adoption of these dogs.  Any adoptions of dogs listed on the Independent Adoption Website are solely transacted between the independent rescuers and the adoptive owner.  Border Collie Rescue Texas, Inc. does not warrant any claims about the dogs listed as available for adoption through the Independent pages of this website. 

In order to assist you to evaluate the dogs for your needs we have the following screening guides for your use.

  • For a larger image, please click on the picture. 

  • If you are interested in a particular dog, click on the EMAIL link in their bio to get more information from their foster home. 

Last Updated January 20, 2014

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Listed: 06/08/2010



HANDSOME HANK is what we call him around here, and we sure think his name suits him!! He's current on his vaccinations, neutered, and has been taking monthly heartworm preventative since he was 3 months old. Hank and his siblings were rescued as tiny pups during the hot Texas summer with temperatures reaching 106 degrees. They were all brought to safety and have been in foster care awaiting adoption ever since. A poor economy has slowed adoption rates nationwide, but Hank's still hopeful.... he knows his day will come.

Hank is a very striking boy. He's black with beautiful white stockings on his front and back feet. He also has a gorgeous white blaze on his chin and chest, and white on the very tip of his always wagging tail!! Everywhere we go, people comment on his rugged good looks... perhaps he's the George Clooney of the dog world.

Hank is still a young dog that's ready to make his mark on the world. He's quite smart and soooo eager to please. Hank enjoys playing chase with his brothers and retrieving his favorite ball. In the afternoons, Hank and his brothers enjoy a leisurely game of good old fashioned "fetch". One toss of the ball and they're all running to see who can get to it first. When Hank gets the ball, he very quickly brings it back to you in hopes that you'll continue to toss it for them. He seems to never tire of the competition, however he's always a good sport. Hank also enjoys going for walks and taking in the view. Be careful though, he's quite strong!! Hank uses a doggie door and enjoys the freedom of being both inside and outside. He's used to sleeping in his crate at night, along with his favorite bone stuffed with cheese. Hank gets along great with people of all ages and other dogs, so he's hopeful that one day he'll finally get that FOREVER HOME he so deserves!!

Hank and Dakota (listed below) are brothers.


To audition to meet Hank or for any questions about our adoption process, please contact Project Pawz at (903) 874-3722 or via EMAIL.


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Listed: 06/08/2010



Dakota is from a large litter of mostly boys. He is completely vaccinated and he's neutered. He's also been taking monthly heartworm preventative since he was 3 months old. Dakota has the most adorable personality ever!!! With so much charm and good looks, he's sure to catch someone's eye.... if only it would happen soon. You see, Dakota has been in foster care since he was just under 6 weeks old. A slow economy coupled with the fact that he's a big, black dog have all worked against Dakota and his brothers. Take a few minutes to google "big black dog syndrome" and learn the plight of these often overlooked dogs. The statistics of black dogs being euthanized in shelters across America are staggering. Black dogs just don't get adopted, plain and simple.

Dakota is quite the scholar. He learns things quickly and makes sure the rest of us stick to the routine. He mastered the doggie door in an instant and helped us teach everybody else how to use it. He loves it because he really enjoys playing in the backyard, but comes back inside when he's ready for a nap or a treat. He loves to go for walks and meet new people. Dakota sleeps in his crate at night and likes to have his bone in there with him too, especially if it has a little cheese in it!! To say that Dakota is the lively one of the bunch may be an understatement. As a pup, he'd wait until everyone else was settled in for a nap and then he'd decide to march on top of the dog pile and methodically choose whose ears to pull or whose tail to tug. It was simply sport to him!! And rest assured, he still has that same playful nature. Dakota is a happy dog and loves the company of people of all ages and also other dogs. If you're looking for a shy dog, Dakota's not for you. But if you want a playful, smart and devoted friend, he's a great choice. Dakota won't disappoint!

Dakota and Hank (listed above) are brothers.


If you'd like to schedule an appointment to meet Dakota, please contact Project Pawz at 903-874-3722 or via EMAIL.


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