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This information was developed to aid dog owners, adopters, foster homes, and others who share their lives with a Border Collie.  The idea of developing a place for such information came about after several BCRT volunteers sought help for their own dogs.  In the process of learning more about the best ways of helping our dogs, we became interested in learning more about canine behavior and the use of positive training techniques to effect behavioral changes.  It has been our experience that most Border Collies thrive when given structure, appropriate stimulation, benevolent leadership and positive reinforcement for desired behaviors.  We have also observed that dogs who are left to their own devices can become bored and destructive, and that harsh treatment often makes behavior problems worse.  We believe that it is in the best interests of all who own or care for a Border Collie to begin using these kinder, gentler methods, both to prevent and to resolve problem behaviors. 

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of Lore Haug, DVM, Veterinary Behaviorist at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University, who has generously shared her handouts concerning canine behavior.  Dr. Haug has also helped us with our own dogs’ issues and it was through her example that some of us became inspired to further our knowledge of canine behavior. 

Please enjoy the following training aids, but remember that nothing you read here should replace an in-person medical and/or behavioral evaluation. We can not evaluate your situation and all information is given to help you try new ideas. Additionally, these training tips are not self-teaching but require practice and patience. Picking and choosing only some portions of this may not give the desired results. We encourage those of you with serious problems to read this for ideas and to seek professional help. If you choose to try any of these programs, please do so by using the entire program over an extended period of time. 

Handouts for specific behaviors:


Recommended reading list:

Summary: Humane, user-friendly and dog-friendly training methods! Tools to help you teach; housetraining; basic manners; behavior problems, and an excellent resource section. Summary: Walk away from punishment-based training methods and learn how you can reward your dog to obtain and reinforce the behaviors you could only dream about achieving! Summary: Get rid of your dogs-are-like-humans thinking and learn to appreciate the TRUE strengths and abilities of your canine companions. Find out what really makes a dog tick, what motivates him and how to get the behavior you are looking for!
Summary: By understanding what makes your dog tick, and by using the proven techniques described in this book, you'll learn how to socialize and train your dog to be the companion that you want. Summary: These off-leash, lure-reward techniques work on puppies and adult dogs alike. Witty, humane, reliable and FUN! Revised. Summary: How to manage, relate to, and educate your puppy. Emphasizes puppy needs and feelings, and how to show and teach them to be good companions, using gentle, puppy-friendly methods.
Summary: Candid answers to urgent questions about aggression and other aspects of dog behavior! Positive reinforcement methods include clickers, food, praise. From the author of the best seller, Culture Clash (DTB464). Summary: Use behavioral training on people, dogs and other animals to make changes! End undesirable behavior; learn "affection training". Our best selling book! Summary: Use lure/reward techniques to get a great start towards the perfect family dog! The basics for beginners whether you're in class or working alone, and a good hand-out for instructors or breeders!
Summary: An introduction to clicker training -positive reinforcement training system based on operant conditioning. Summary: How to help dogs conquer their fears with desensitization and counter conditioning. Step by step method can be used for any problem behavior that is motivated by fear - even for people! Summary: Help for those whose dog suffers badly from Separation Anxiety, help in preventing it from developing, and tips on how to raise a dog with good "house manners."
Summary: Maximize the joy of living in a multi-dog household by using Ethology and Positive Reinforcement to teach your dogs to be patient and polite! Summary:  When humans communicate with dogs, a lot can get lost in the translation. Focusing on human behavior, Dr. McConnell teaches readers how to retrain themselves to speak consistently in a language dogs understand and avoid sending conflicting and confusing messages.


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