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This page is dedicated to anyone involved in rescue and especially to the Border Collies. Many of the dogs that you see on this site have come from horrendous situations, they had been dumped or discarded, but none of them will ever be homeless again. They have all moved on to become sports competitors, working dogs and most importantly, loved and cherished family members.

Last Updated Tuesday November 04, 2008

Click to view a video lovingly created by one of our volunteers that defines the true meaning of rescue


Border Collies in Competitive Canine Sports


Tess was rescued in 2001 from a ranch in the Wichita Falls TX area. She was skinny, full of fleas and anemic. She would not work cattle and was basically abandoned in the barn. The rescuer said when she saw her, there was something in her eyes that asked to be given a chance. Katrina called me, and I agreed to take this girl on. When I met Katrina in McKinney, this little tri-BC girl's eyes just drove into my soul. She was one special girl and took my heart. That was it, she was mine.

It took about 6 months for Tess to heal up, gain weight and get used to her life living in an air conditioned home with 2 other Border Collies. When I started training Tess, she took to it with all the gusto she could give. It was as if she knew she was getting a second chance at life. She is an incredible dog. We started with agility, but a friend saw her and asked if she had any experience with stock. I decided to take her to a herding trainer in Van Alstyne and wow, did she turn on! She may not like cattle, but boy did she like sheep and goats! It was then that we embarked on learning a whole new sport. Tess now competes in Agility and Herding. This photo is of a 1st place run and Reserve High in Trial in Hempstead TX in Oct 2007! She only needs two more qualifying legs to finish her Herding Excellent title! Not too bad for a ranch dropout! Tess continues to learn and improve in everything she does at the age of 9 this year. People that ask can't believe she is that old. Her boundless energy even wears me out at times.

Today Tess lives to work, loves to play with soft squeaky toys, is quite the snuggle bug and is queen of the house. From that forlorn dog she started out as, Tess has the best personality and has not met a person she does not like. I can't imagine life without her and she has been a fantasic partner for me to learn about Herding along with the great training at Alamar. She still looks into my soul with those eyes.

Thank you Katrina and BC Rescue Texas for saving this girl. Pat Corl and Tess: AKC: OA, OAJ, HIAs, HSBs USDAA: AAD AHBA: HTAD1, HTD1 - 10/04/08


I was looking for an agility dog, specifically an Aussie. My friend, Linda, hooked me up with Beverly in 2004, who had rescued and was fostering a red and white, 1 year old Aussie (possibly an Aussie/BC mix), who was on the Independent Page of Border Collie Rescue Texas. Her time was up at the shelter.

I drove to Austin to meet Amber. When I saw her climb up into a tree, trying to get a bird, I knew I had found my agility dog.

Amber loves agility and has 3 titles now in ASCA; JS-N, RS-N, GS-N. She is on her way to more titles in USDAA. She also has her Canine Good Citizen certificate.

She may never be a top champion agility dog, but she is a champion to me. I am so proud of my girl, who was someone else’s “throw away dog.” Her potential was never even tapped into. She is one smart dog and their loss is my gain and I love her with all my heart. - Vikie - 04/03/08


Brodie is still a wild child at 8 years old and competes in agility at the Elite level. He has 15 agility & herding titles under his belt and was rescued from Ft. Worth Animal Control after an abusive puppyhood. He was a foster failure- we just couldn’t let this guy go anywhere else! He is an extreme dog- everything he does is done absolutely- he usually goes a million miles a minute. His life motto is “Life is not just a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming: Wow, what a ride!” He also has his CGC and enjoys taking a break from Frisbee by playing soccer and basketball. 04/03/08



Jake is a 10 year old rescued Border Collie from North Richland Hills Animal Control. In addition to two agility championships (NATCH & ATCH), he has about 25 other agility & herding titles to his name from various organizations as well as his CGC. He has been a semifinalist two years in a row at the Grand Prix of Dog Agility World Championships and has participated in and placed multiple times in the Dog Agility Masters Team competition. Jake was the inspiration for us to become involved in rescue and as of early 2008 has heavily contributed to the rescue and placement of over 50 Border Collies. 04/03/08


Working Border Collies


Caleb came to us at 10 months old; we were his third family at this young age. He was turned into a kill shelter and the shelter was frantic to find him a safe spot, hopefully with BCRT. We were told that he was too much dog for his second owners who only keep him outside. His beautiful face won us all over but we were scrambling to find a place for him. I volunteered to foster this big boy, another volunteer went to pick him up and keep him safe for transport, then yet another volunteer drove the 4 hours up and back to bring him to me. This boy was a BCRT team effort!

It didn't take us long to see the potential in this guy! He has a wonderful work ethic but also had this way about him that just drew people to him, one look into those eyes and people would just melt! It didn't take me long to realize he was meant for therapy work. So a home was sought after that would take this wonderful skill of his and work with it. Well, that home didn't come fast enough before my hubby looked at me and told me I would never foster again if adopted Caleb out. It didn't take long for that decision to be made; Caleb became a permanent member of our family!

Delta certification rules are that a pet must be 1 year old and they have to live with you for 6 months. This boy received his Delta certification at the age of 14 months and we had him for 6 months and 9 days; he was the only one to have passed that day to become a certified therapy dog! On Caleb's first visit to the nursing home, I could not have been more proud. Caleb walked into the center, head held high, eyes gleaming and an aura about him that said "Here I Am"! He visited with several people being very much the gentleman, and then we came across this one resident that was unable to communicate or move very easily. Being the first time for both of us, I wasn't sure what to expect from Caleb, but since this resident could not reach Caleb, he jumped up by her side ever so gently, and without a word from me or coaxing, Caleb gave her the sweetest kisses on the cheek (not knowing if this was o.k. or not!!) I was a little hesitant, but thought I would trust Caleb's instincts from this sweet lady who is immobile and cannot talk because of a trachea tube. Lip smacking gestures were sent to Caleb in response to his kisses, did I mention I was a proud Momma (sniff sniff)!? We went back to visit this resident on Christmas morning and she remembered Caleb, along with everyone else in the lobby that day, and once again, she sent Caleb lip smacking gestures! It was the best present I've every received on Christmas; that is of course, except for Caleb who came to us Dec. 2nd!

So many wonderful companions are waiting in shelters, all wanting so deeply to show us their true potential, Caleb was just one! SO many more are still waiting. Take the time to find your companion's true potential and then build upon it; the bond that you will build will be worth everything!

Rescue Today, Love for a Lifetime - Janice and Caleb 04/04/08

Border Collies Success stories


Dear BCRT,

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for bringing Sundance into my life over seven years ago. Sundance is a wonderful example of the caliber of dogs that your program rescues. Like most Border Collies, he has his quirks, which I think make him that much more lovable. He herds grass, spins in circles when he gets excited, and drools like a fountain when food is involved.

Over the years, people have asked me what kind of dog Sundance is (The red and white coloring always throws ‘em), and have commented on his sweet temperament. I am always proud to say that Sundance is a Border Collie Rescue Texas alum. So thank you for allowing me to rescue, foster and adopt this wonderful creature with the tender, gentle spirit. To look into his eyes is to be witness to pure innocence. And to think that someone was willing to just throw all that away by dumping him at a shelter (scared to death, ill with tick-borne disease, and ears so badly infected they were bleeding)……

So from the bottom of my heart I wish you many, many blessings for all that you do to help the Border Collies.

Amy & Sundance - 04/29/08


Well, it's been almost exactly one year since we adopted Molly (formerly known as Aspen). The time has flown by. What can I say about Miss Molly? She keeps the house clean, has a hot dinner waiting for us when we come home, and she does our taxes, too! Not really, but close enough. She is a Border Collie, after all!

I don't know how we survived before Molly came along. She is the center of our lives (along with her 15 year old adopted BC brother, Clyde.) She has entrenched herself in our lives and our hearts to such an extent that it's hard to imagine ourselves pre-Molly. She attended training, and completed her level 3 (of 4) obedience course. We intend to have Molly get her canine good citizen award in the near future. She knows sit, down, stand, shake, high five with the other paw, spin, stay, and is working on play dead and roll over. She heels beautifully. We are considering agility for her, too. She loves heights and is totally unafraid of tunnels, jumps and other obstacles. (But she was terrified of Santa at Petco this Christmas - go figure!)

Molly still has a strong prey-drive. Every once in awhile she comes up to the patio carrying a dead bird. She never eats them, just shows them off. Since all BCs need a job, her job is to call her brother inside. (He's old, deaf and partially blind.) She will go out in the yard and circle him in, or nudge him until he comes in. She's also a really good guard dog - barking at strangers who come to the door or when she hears a strange noise.

Molly loves to go on 2 mile walks with Travis. She is friendly with other dogs and most humans. She is still learning to distinguish a bicycle or a jogger from a sheep - she wants to herd them all. She has gotten over her fear of men for the most part. She goes to doggy daycare at least once a week and is a favorite of the staff. She has learned to play nicely with small dogs.

Molly sleeps in our bed. We have never allowed that before with our other BCs, but she sleeps at the foot of the bed between us and makes a great foot warmer. She also thinks she's a 45 lb lap dog, sharing Sandy's recliner in the evenings, or lounging on the sofa with Travis. She's definitely a people dog. She has a toy box overflowing with toys, and especially enjoys dismembering stuffed animals.

In short, we couldn't ask for a better (or better behaved) dog. She has come a long way. We believe that she loves us just as much as we love her. We thank Border Collie rescue from the bottom of our hearts for bringing Molly into our lives. Thanks again, Sandy and Travis - 01/22/08


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